Welcome to the program office.  This is a place to share your personal and professional experience in program management. We hope this collection of eclectic posts reflect the wide variety of issues you encounter in your daily professional live and resonate with the community to reflect generally accepted time proven best practice principals that have demonstrated value.  Of course, some of the posts collected may very well include indictments of current “bonehead” thinking (our opinion) and critical examination of current project management fads.  Thank you for your interest, we hope this site will meet your expectations and you will become a regular reader and contributor.

photo_image3James Parnitzke is a hands-on technology executive, trusted partner, advisor, software publisher, and widely recognized database management and enterprise architecture thought leader.  Over his career he has served in executive, technical, publisher (commercial software), and practice management roles across a wide range of industries.  Now a highly sought after technology management advisor and hands-on practitioner his customers include many of the Fortune 500 as well as emerging businesses where he is known for taking complex challenges and solving for them across all levels of the customer’s organization delivering distinctive value and lasting relationships.

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black-star-farmsMary Gildersleeve is a results oriented and driven certified PMP with 10 years of project management experience in both localization and project management consulting. Mary is a Program Manager with CIBER, Inc and serves as a Dale Carnegie leadership coach for the Ralph Nichols Group. Mary is well known for delivering results and exceeding customer expectations in a consistent and repeatable manner by using both a tactical and strategic project management approach to drive complex projects into resounding successes. Furthermore, she consistently demonstrates a pedigree of professionalism and resourcefulness while exceeding stakeholder expectations. Her professional career has focused on the localization, insurance and automotive verticals driving PMO initiation and operations, PPM tool adoptions, ERP implementations, and process reengineering improvement efforts.

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dasinfoprotfolio1Sanjay Das is a results-oriented dynamic technology leader, trusted partner for software compliance testing and project management. Expert on leading edge software testing practices and principles, decisive, energetic, focused IT team leader/player. During his career he has mastered the solutions of the software testing principles and cutting edge technology needed to make organizations to stay ahead of the curve and understand the various testing risks and pitfalls in SLDC. He has served as QA Manager, Project Manager, Performance Test Manager, and IT Management Consultant in various industries for fortune 500 companies with highly complex engineering systems to deliver unique cost effective solutions and build long term partnership with his clients.

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